Duration 10 days = 0.7%/Day

Price: $1.00/Packs

Returns: $1.07/Packs

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Invest easy allows its customers to trade and invest in various assets such as Crypto-currency, currencies, stocks and indices.

In this contract we mainly trade cryptocurrencies.

The crypto currency

Today, crypto currencies are known as a popular investment choice in 2019. As we will see a little lower, the high volatility of crypto currency offers unlimited trading opportunities.

So why does crypto money attract so much?

Volatility = opportunities

One of the main characteristics of crypto currency trading platforms is the volatility of the tracked products. In other words, changes in the values of crypto currency are constant and often, on the same day, a significant variation can occur.

In other words, the user of crypto-currency trading platforms must invest conscientiously: use an available amount and do so after a market analysis.

And, of course, you also need to know when to close your position in order to make profits and make future investments profitable.


Duration of investment

10 Days


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