Duration 180 days = 1.5%/Day

Price: $100.00/Packs

Returns: $270.00 + invest ($100.00)/Packs

Ability to recover your winnings every 7 days (1% fee) or when due.
In all cases, the remainder of the and the investment amount is paid at the end of each contract.

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Invest easy allows its customers to trade and invest in various assets such as Crypto-currency, currencies, stocks and indices.

In this contract we are trading mainly indices.

The clues are not manipulable!

In a world where people are increasingly paranoid, I always wonder that very few traders are trading the clues. The indices are, however, the least manipulable financial instruments. Forex has no centralized quotes, all brokers offer their own price, cryptocurrencies have so low volumes that with a few million euros you can do what you want on…

To manipulate a clue, this is not possible because you do not actually buy a clue. You can invest the amount you want on a clue, let’s be crazy 100 million euros at once. You will have it offset by a few points and the algorithms will detect the inconsistency and rush to deliver it to the normal price. They will take advantage of the bargain by making you lose considerable sums.


1 Payout, 24 Payouts (Fee 1%)


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