Duration 60 days = 1.2%/Day

Price: $25.00/Packs

Returns: $18.00 + invest ($25.00)/Packs

Ability to recover your winnings every 7 days (1% fee) or when due.
In all cases, the remainder of the and the investment amount is paid at the end of each contract.

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Invest easy allows its customers to trade and invest in various assets such as Crypto-currency, currencies, stocks and indices.

In this contract we are trading mainly currencies.

What is currency trading?

Currency trading is the most liquid and strongest market in the world. In fact, no other market is approaching the value of this market, which is characterised by huge volumes of transactions. It is estimated that the value of currency trading transactions is approximately 5 billion dollars per day, a figure that far exceeds the value of the total volume of global transactions.


1 Payout, 8 Payouts (Fee 1%)


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