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Who are we:

Invest easy is a company whose founders have years of experience in trading. Our commitment will be to invest for you in the financial markets in order to give you back commissions without taking you risks.

The Web is full of opportunities that allow you to earn huge amounts of money, but very few have projects that are strong enough to last.

With online business, we are committed to making your investment a financial satisfaction!

Invest easy is the key to a carefree future!

Investment Packs

Fast Plan

Duration: 10 Days

  • Returns: $1.07/Packs
  • %/Day: 0.7%

Starter Plan

Duration: 15 Days

  • Returns: $6.72/Packs
  • %/Day: 0.8%

Premium Plan

Duration: 30 Days

  • Returns: $13.00/Packs
  • %/Day: 1%

Expert Plan

Duration: 60 Days

  • Returns: $43.00/Packs
  • %/Day: 1.2%

Pro Plan

Duration: 180 Days

  • Returns: $370.00/Packs
  • %/Day: 1.5%

Technical Analysis:

The technical analysis (at) allows you to anticipate the increases and decreases of crypto thanks to indicators to perceive a tendency and thus to bet at the right time.

However, This is not an exact science. It is imperative to use several different indicators and the information gathered next to make the right choice.

Technical analysis is considered to be particularly suitable for crypto-currencies.

Indeed, the market is new and held by a lot of different actors (individuals like you). The sales are therefore daily and the courses move a lot contrary to the more conventional areas.

With technical analysis, we also talk about self-fulfilling prophecy. More speaking, the TA reveals that the Bitcoin course will fall. Traders who take it into account will therefore sell their BTC, which will actually cause a first fall that will lead to the one predicted by the analysis.

It is very Important to be set goals and limits

The target

This is the goal you aim with a crypto, understand the time when you will decide to sell it to make a profit.

The stop loss

It is a limit, if the price of a crypto is lowered too low, we sell. Too bad, it's better to limit the case.


Alexandre decides to buy 2 Bitcoin for $9,000 with a course at $4500, he set his target ($5000) and its limit ($4250),
According to the indices provided by its technical analysis:

  • If the price of Bitcoin rises, it will sell for $5000 and will earn a profit of $1000, or $500 per Bitcoin purchased
  • If the Bitcoin price drops, it will then sell for $4250 and then lose $500, or $250 per Bitcoin purchased

About Us

Invest Easy is a website where you can easily invest in the financial markets. Indeed, you will have almost nothing to do. You will not do the negotiations. But our team of professionals with a total of a dozen years of experience in the forex market, cryptocurrencies and stock indexes. In other words, you will win for sure! 

By taking care of our investors, the company’s analysts and marketers have developed a unique marketing that allows you to make a profit every day.

Are you ready to change the way you invest?